Payment and Fees

Easy payment process and fees applicable to our sales

Payment of the vehicles

You will receive a purchase confirmation per email, including the vehicle invoice within the next hour after winning the bid.
Total payment (including applicable fees) needs to be received within the following 6 working days after the sale. Please note that we only accept payment via Bank transfer.

Once the payment has been received, your vehicle together with its original registration documents can be collected! (please note that in some cases the vehicle documentation might take up to 15 days to be ready)..

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Buyer Fees

When a vehicle is sold in auction, buyer has to pay a Fee according to the type of vehicle and to the type of sale.

There are two main Buyer Fees scales:

In addition to Buyer Fees the following fares apply:

  • Export tax: 180€
  • purchase through Live Online: 35€

Aforementioned fees and fares apply singularly to each vehicle purchased.

In case of Special Sales, where different economic conditions apply, these are declared within the sale itself.

All foreign buyers, regardless whether they are located within or outside the EU, have to pay a VAT deposit (22% of the invoice value) unless transport is organised by BCA. The deposit will be refunded upon receipt of legitimate proof of the arrival of the vehicle at final destination (CMR for EU buyers, MRN for non EU buyers).

Buyer Fees for cars and LCV

Vehicle price range (gross of VAT) Buyer Fee
0€ – 999€ 80€
1.000€ – 2.499€ 180€
2.500€ – 3.999€ 235€
4.000€ – 5.999€ 255€
6.000€ – 7.999€ 285€
8.000€ – 9.999€ 315€
10.000€ – 14.999€ 385€
15.000€ – 19.999€ 475€
+ 20.000€ 2,7%

Buyer Fees for HGV

Vehicle price range (gross of VAT) Buyer Fee
0€ – 2.499€ 105€
+ 2.500€ 4,2%

Parking Fees

The Export Tax includes 15 parking days, starting from the sending of the pickup authorization. After this period of time a parking fee is due:

  • 5€ per day for cars
  • 10€ per day for LCV, HGV and not running/not rolling vhls

This amount has to be payed prior the vehicle can exit the compound.

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