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Information regarding other auctions (no tax-free auctions!). If you are a tax-free buyer and are interested in other auctions with luxury tax-free vehicles, please note that different conditions of sale apply. The Danish xBid online auctions, DKK car auctions and DKK van auctions differ from tax-free auctions in the following respects: Mechanical and technical classification (This does not apply to tax-free auctions but only to all other auctions). Mechanical classification A: There must be no mechanical defect, and noise must be insignificant taking into account the age and kilometrage of the vehicle. Vehicles in this category must have no mechanical defects. Control and security lights for airbags, ABS and engine must not light up while the vehicle is running. Please note: The excess payable by the buyer in the event of claims is EUR 470 net. The buyer cannot make claims for service and wear parts. B+. Mechanical classification B+: Engine, transmission and differential are functional taking into account the age/kilometrage of the vehicle (there may be slight noise). Any claims in this category may only be determined in relation to the above-mentioned parts. The excess payable by the buyer is always EUR 470 net. The buyer cannot make claims for service and wear parts. - minus. Mechanical classification - minus: Not classified. Purchased as seen excluding any warranty. No warranty is given for the mechanical condition. Irrespective of whether the vehicle is purchased online (Live Online) or in the auction hall, no warranty will be given for the purchased item.


The buyer accepts the following conditions when logging onto the BCA website and participating in the auction. Only car dealers that are registered and accepted by BCA may participate in the auction. BCA is only an auction facilitator and mediator of the auction sales. Accordingly, the vehicles are sold at the cost and risk of the respective vendor. The vehicles will be sold in the condition they are in when they go under the hammer, as seen, and without any form of warranty. BCA is therefore not liable for any claims. The information contained in the auction catalogue relating to the vehicles and their equipment has been provided by the vendors. BCA accepts no responsibility for this information.


The auction is conducted in German and in Euros (net). Overbids will generally be €100 higher than the previous bid price, but can be changed by the auctioneer to higher bid steps. The hammer price is also subject to auction commission and VAT, if applicable. Any changes made to information already contained in the auction catalogue will be displayed briefly before the vehicle is auctioned on the Internet Live Online/LiveBid by pop-up alerts indicating the catalogue number. And/or the auctioneer will indicate any changes verbally. The buyer is the highest bidder. Cases of doubt may be decided by the auctioneer. The auctioneer may decide to hold a new sale.


Auction commission is 2.50 % of the hammer price and shall be an amount no less than €270.00 plus VAT. For acceptance of bids via Live Online/Live Bid, there is also a Live Online charge of €30.00 plus VAT per vehicle. Any vehicle bought in the auction and stored for more than 5 days after the auction date is subject to a storage fee of €13.50 net per day.


Neither BCA nor the vendors inspect the vehicles for previous damage that has been repaired. Some vendors do not have any information on any previous damage to vehicles that has been repaired. If the buyer ascertains that a vehicle has had previous damage that has been repaired, BCA and the vendor are not be deemed to have wilfully misled the buyer. The buyer accepts that BCA and the vendor do not know whether any of the vehicles in the sale have incurred previous damage that has been repaired irrespective of the cost of the repairs to the damage.

For any vehicle that is less than 36 months old (for which the age of vehicle is calculated from the date of first registration up to the date of the auction) and has a kilometrage below 80,000 kilometres, the buyer accepts unknown and/or “previous damage that has been repaired” with a repair value totalling €2,000 net or 10% of the vehicle net sale price.

For any vehicle that is more than 36 months old (for which the age of vehicle is calculated from the date of first registration up to the date of the auction) and has a kilometrage exceeding 80,000 kilometres, the buyer agrees not to make claims for previous damage and/or claims for repairs carried out on previous damage.

The buyer accepts that paint and body works may have been carried out to several parts of the vehicle. Excessive cosmetic wear should be expected in relation to the repair. Such repairs have been carried out in accordance with local trade standard, which is deemed to be normal and acceptable in the country from which the vehicles originate or in which they originate.

If photographs show that there are objects in the vehicle, the interior of the vehicle is not checked for possible damage caused by such objects, and the purchaser accepts that such damage may occur and is not included in the vehicle description and classification.

The vehicles show normal signs of use. Please bear in mind that you may have to incur minor costs for making minor modifications and carrying out smart repair to vehicles. Normal signs of use are not recognised or taken into account. The cosmetic condition of vehicles is described by the number of parts with excessive signs of wear on exterior parts or the interior. Excessive signs of wear with conventional repair costs are, for example: Scratches (paint), dents (repair + paint), cracks in plastic parts, major stone chips on the windscreen, major scratches on aluminium rims, burn holes in the seat fabric, major scratches on decorative inlays, interiors, etc.

Vehicle external trim and outboard details are checked using a standard viewing angle at 2 metres, at 90 and 45 degrees - and not a bodyline check.

Classification 1: 0 - 2 parts
Classification 2: 3 - 4 parts
Classification 3: 5 – 6 parts
Classification 4: 7 parts or more
Classification 5: Excessive damage to several parts and/or collision damage to 1 to 2 parts affecting structural components
Classification 0: See status report
Classification - / minus: No classification, damaged cars, no rights to make claims

These rules for cosmetic classification apply only to vehicles that are sold online over the Internet. In the case of a physical purchase in the auction hall, the buyer is not entitled to make any claims relating to cosmetic classification.

Windscreens/Glass: There is no guarantee that there is any information regarding damaged/cracked windscreens. Accordingly, the buyer is not entitled to make any claims regarding such parts.

Rims: Buyers do not have the right to make claims for minor scratches to rims.

Technical condition
Mechanical: Right to make claims for unknown defects to the engine, transmission or differential.

Technology/other mechanics: Depending on the type of error as well as the age and kilometrage (determined on a case-by-case basis).

Electronics: Depending on the type of error as well as the age and kilometrage (determined on a case-by-case basis).

Wear and service parts including tyres: There is basically no right to make a claim (buyer risk).
Settings/Adjustments (e.g. axis): No right to make a claim (buyer risk).

The equipment described in the auction catalogue is non-binding. There may be deviations in individual cases.

Online bidders are required to examine all vehicle photos before bidding. Bidders present in the auction room are required to inspect the exterior and interior of vehicles before bidding.

Buyers are not entitled to make any claims on any deviations that are obvious either from the pictures of the vehicles or from the inspection of the vehicles in the auction hall.

Buyers are not entitled to make any claims on deviations that are not so significant that they have any major bearing on the valuation of the vehicle.

There is no guarantee that the vehicles may contain, or may be delivered with, loose objects and small parts.

Accessories and miscellaneous
BCA shall endeavour to provide the service/warranty booklet, extra keys and COC/EEC certificate of conformity. There is no guarantee that this will be possible in all cases.

Age and kilometrage
Prior to making bids, bidders are required to check the chassis numbers of vehicles for year of manufacture, month of manufacturer and model year. The kilometrage may differ by +/- 2000 kilometres from the kilometrage stated in the auction catalogue. The date on which the vehicle was first registered may differ by +/- 1 month.


Types of transport
EU/EC VAT qualifying vehicles: Mandatory transport by BCA Denmark. Vehicles must be delivered to a company address, which in legal terms is directly associated with the buyer and is located in the same country as the buyer. Contact: Heinrich.Gaebe@bca.com, direct +45 76 42 53 30, mobile +45 40 30 84 79.

(2) Export outside the EU/EC via a 3rd party international carrier that can arrange customs clearance.
(3) 25% Danish VAT is added to the purchase price with VAT qualifying goods, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, lcv’s with alu box delivery vans, commercial vehicles> 3.5 t and heavy goods lorries that are driven or transported by a vehicle carrier not accredited and approved by BCA. Within 3 months of the auction date, BCA Denmark must obtain a certificate showing that the vehicle has been registered in the buyer's country or a certificate showing that the vehicle has been imported into the buyer's country. The certificate must be in German or English and must be signed by two officials, with first and last names clearly printed on official letterhead paper. After the 3-month period has expired, it will unfortunately no longer be possible to provide a credit/refund of the 25% VAT.

Transport prices from BCA in Vejle
Transport calculation: The full loading price is for a maximum of 8-9 passenger cars. In combination with large-capacity vehicles the full-loading fee will also be charged for fewer than 8 vehicles.

For small vans, MPV, SUV, passenger cars with roof box, etc., there is a surcharge of +50% on the transport price compared to a passenger car.

For LCV, buses, high SUV, there is a surcharge of +100% on the transport price compared to a passenger car.

Transport prices on request: Heinrich.Gaebe@bca.com, direct +45 76 42 53 30, mobile +45 40 30 84 79.


The purchase price comprises the hammer price plus commission and Live Online fee, as well as any VAT.

Ownership of the purchased vehicles shall only be transferred once payment for the entire purchase price and transportation costs has been made, and all the export documentation has been presented to the buyer.
The vehicle registration documents are then forwarded. Once the vehicle has gone under the hammer, the cost and risk of the vehicle shall be transferred to the buyer.

Payment arrangements for vehicles and any production of letters relating to vehicles and transportation via BCA: One working day from the day of the auction.

Payment to BCA may only be a bank transfer from the buyer’s bank account as well as from a bank account in the buyer’s country.


In the case of transport type (1) and (2). Deadline for claims: Within 24 hours of delivery but no more than 14 calendar days after the date of the auction. In regard to unloading, the buyer must check all vehicles immediately and without delay for damage and completeness. Any claims must be recorded on the carrier’s copy of the delivery note. The buyer accepts that non-recorded defects may not be considered and a claim may therefore be rejected. After the vehicle has been delivered, any claim must be notified immediately in writing to BCA, salg@bca.dk, stating the chassis number, bidder number, auction date, grounds for the claim, contact person and telephone number. Any disputes will be decided by BCA.

For transport type (3). For direct acquisition of vehicles in the auction centre. Each vehicle must be checked on site immediately and without delay for damage and completeness. If there are grounds for complaint, the buyer must record this on the handover certificate when the vehicle is handed over on site at BCA and must be given a written acknowledgement of this by BCA. Any disputes will be decided by BCA.

If a vehicle is cancelled because of a legitimate claim, the following conditions apply:

- Purchase price, commission and any Live Online fees are reimbursed.
- The buyer agrees to pay for the original costs of transporting the vehicle from BCA to the buyer's location. This is an excess for which the buyer is liable.
- The vendor shall pay for the costs of transporting the vehicle back.
- The buyer agrees that the refund to the buyer will only be made once BCA has received reimbursement from the vendor.

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