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Buying of used cars from Denmark, has never been easier than today

Every week up to 1.000 of young cars and all other types are offered in online auctions to professional car dealers all over Europe.

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Invoice and Payment

Invoices are sent by e-mail at the end of each auction, usually on the same day. Max 24 hours after the auction. 

Vehicle and buyer fees are invoiced together, and transport is invoiced separately.

For international buyers, Invoices are NET / excl. VAT in taxfree auctions. (conditioned by a valid EU VAT no.)

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Buyer fees

Open Auction and Fees Buyer Fees
 Auction name Platform Auction Description Initial Fee Intervals Min/max Price ex. VAT
Young cars auction
Eu Netto Export

 Live Online

Large auctions with young cars - up to 1.000 Vehicles

Twice every month, 500-1000 taxfree vehicles are auctioned on behalf of someof Europe’s largest manufacturers and various leasing/rental companies. Usually0-3 years old, low kilometrage and showroom ready. Odometer warranty oncars above 0 km.

Live Online,Fixed fee
270 €

30 €

Taxfree, Leasing, Rental and fleet
Eu Netto Export

xBid Taxfree, EU Netto Export

Among others, Leasing cars from BMW Financial Services, 0-3 yrs. old. Recurringevery second week, on thursdays. Odometer warranty on cars above 0 km.
270 €
Passenger cars without luxury tax

xBid Leaseplan cars and selected MarketPrice premium.

Every Monday 50-150 vehicles are auctioned primarily on behalf of leasingcompanies. Usually 1-5 years old and partially sales prepped. Odometerwarranty on cars above 0 km.
    Fixed fee
Passenger cars
Mixed cars without and with luxury tax

Live online Passenger cars from leasing, fleet, trade ins, MarketPrice and more

Every Tuesday 100-200 vehicles without and with luxury tax, are auctioned onbehalf of new car dealerships, leasing, rental, finance companies etc. Odometerwarranty on cars above 0 km.
10% < 20.000

20.001 - 60.000
60.001 - 100.000
100.001 - 140.000
140.001 - 180.000
Min. 960


Mixed cars without and with luxury tax

Live Online LCVs from leasing, fleet, trade ins etc. and MarketPrice vehicles

Every Friday at 9:00 CET, 50-150 LCVs without and with luxury tax. Odometerwarranty on cars above 0 km.
< 20.000

20.001 - 40.00040.001 - 60.00060.001 - 80.00080.001 - 100.000> 100.001
Min. 960


Collect vehicle

International buyers within EU: Mandatory transport arranged by BCA Denmark, apply to all international buyers. Car documents and accessories are retained until a signed and stamped copy of a CMR, has been sent to 

VAT policy & release car document

VAT exemption is possible as an international buyer, with the intent to import the cars you bought, to your country of residence. Please note that only vehicles liable for VAT are indicated as such in the sales catalogue. VAT exemption applies to the total amount of the vehicle, sales fees and transport fees. Car documents will be sent once the relevant section of the CMR is stamped and signed by both transporter and customer. CMR must appear clearly visible and readable. If you need the documents upon collection, you will have to pay a VAT deposit of 25% (the deposit will be returned upon receipt of the proof of export). CMR are sent to, hereafter we sent the car documents to the buyer.

Import in EU

Buyers within EU, must provide a valid EU VAT no. to qualify for VAT exemption..

Import outside EU

Buyers outside of EU, must provide a valid local VAT no. to qualify for VAT exemption